We are a global family of fasting and prayer contending for revival and missions in our day.
We are the nameless and faceless generation that seeks His Face.

Co-Founder and Visionary of TheCall


Dear Friends of TheCall,

Thirty-five years ago, I read a book by a man named Derek Prince. The title was Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting. He writes how the destinies of nations are literally shifted by united, massive fasting and prayer. It became the textbook of my life. When he passed away, I said to God, “If You will allow me, I will take Derek Prince’s seed to the whole earth.” 

I believe that we are moving into that day. As we have ended TheCall, I felt the Holy Spirit say that there is a new generation coming that's going to carry the DNA of TheCall of fasting and prayer for breakthrough for high schools, universities, and for cities like no other generation has carried it.

Therefore, I write this letter to tell you about a movement called Contend. This movement comes out of TheCall and is led by my spiritual son and daughter, David and Audry Kim. I want to tell you there are few who carry the fasting and prayer mantle that’s been on my life like David and Audry. I am so thrilled because I believe Contend is going to raise up something even way beyond where I've gone with TheCall.

Ultimately, I believe this movement will shake and shape the future of nations. I urge you to throw yourself behind the Contend Movement and a company of young leaders who are some of the finest I know. Let’s believe for a mass youth movement of fasting and prayer that will go beyond anything we have ever seen.

My expectation is that Contend will carry a double-portion of my intercessory mantle for the birthing of the next stage for America turning back to God. As a father never gives away his sons and daughters, I remain heart and soul as a father committed to bring Contend into the fullness of its spiritual inheritance and impact. It is my dream that this movement will fill the earth with intercession, fasting and prayer breakthroughs for revival in America, and a missionary prayer movement to the unreached people groups of the earth.  

Out of TheCall has come the offspring of Contend. I am still believing that Derek Prince’s seed will fill the whole earth. I also urge you all reading this letter to support Contend not only with your prayers, but with your finances. Fund and follow Contend as this movement goes out into the nations. Thank you so much for hearing my heart. 

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President of Contend


“My life was changed at The Call.”

I have heard this phrase from countless men and women, leaders and students, young and old. Everywhere and anywhere I have gone -from campuses and to cities, to conferences and to stadiums. And as much as I’ve heard it, I’ve never grown tired of it. Because it’s my own story.

So years ago when the Lord spoke to us to join TheCall and serve a father, we jumped at the opportunity. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve Lou and Therese Engle and the dream to see America turn back to God. We believe that there is a greater fulfillment coming to those promises, for both them and for the nation. And we believe that God is not yet finished with the youth of America. Though TheCall has come to a glorious end, we believe the calling has not.  There is still the call to Contend.

The next chapter of the story begins here. As we look back to how many millions have been touched through the ministry of TheCall and the life of Lou Engle, we also look forward with faith to how many more will be transformed through the next generation of double-portion sons and daughters.

I believe Contend has been raised up to fulfill this very purpose:  to raise up a movement with the youth of America in prayer and fasting that will change the destiny of nations.  A nameless and faceless generation  contending  for revival and mission in our day. What began with TheCall twenty years ago, changing millions of lives in the process, we are convinced must move forward for this next generation.

As we enter this next season, we see a movement and a storyline that is continuing to unfold. We are embarking on an ambitious 2-5 plan to reach the youth of America through tours and trainings, regional and national conferences, arena and stadium gatherings, and the world-wide web. Furthermore, we are setting in motion a trajectory to the nations with the goal of international prayer strikes and Contend gatherings. We believe that another great Nazarite youth movement of prayer and fasting is to come for global revival and missions.

Join us in answering the call to Contend.